mystride can help so many equestrians in so many ways. From tracking ride progress for both rider and horse to making sure your trailer is all packed and ready for a show, you'll never want to go back.

Track your ride progress for both horse and rider by adding notes from each ride and even rating your ride. This feature can also help trainers keep track of their students and horses.

Goals. You set them, we help you achieve them. How? Simple. Set checkpoints that you want to hit while reaching your goal and watch the task bar get closer and closer to 100% until it finally rains carrots down on your success. Your goal can be packing your trailer or showing in a specific class you've been eyeballing for a while. (Or maybe reminding yourself to not leave your gloves out again, we all have our struggles.)

Stay connected. Whether it be with your horse, barn family, students, or a top rider you can't get enough of, stay with them. Post silly photos, your ride progress, post a reminder to your students, start a chat to organize a barn party, share your daily equestrian struggles. You won't be judged here for being the weird horse person. Embrace it.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and we can't wait to show off the rest.

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